Love the experience

The experience has been amazing and continues to be incredible, there really are some truly lovely people on here, some @rseh@les too but thats normal – another bonus is blocking said @rseh@les. 🙂  This site has helped me match with interesting people and how well-managed this dating website is.  I am still chatting to a few members, have met a couple too, so far so good.

dating in Scotland

I was on the verge of giving up hope of finding someone, yet a tiny glimmer was still there which is when I found this site. I met my partner here and I can’t imagine anybody better.  The best place for dating in scotland in my opinion.  The site is made for Scottish singles by people in Scotland – amazing.  Keep up the fantastic work guys.

Fantastic dating website is by far my favourite of all the sites I’ve tried, and it’s where I’ve had the most success and so far I have not found any fake profiles (i.e married men trying to get a one night stand with me pffft…).  If you are looking to meet people in Scotland, I highly recommend

One of the best sites I’ve known

Compared to the other dating website’s the price is great. There is a lot of single Scottish people on here too which is great. I found some really great people here. The quality is top notch-undoubtedly!